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Body Shapes Medical for Men is dedicated to TOTAL BODY OPTIMIZATION through hormone replacement therapy (HRT), diet and weight loss, or an improved image. Don't attribute aging to feeling bad. We want you FEEL better, consistently, and live your life to your body’s fullest potential. Remember how you felt in your 20s? You can feel that way again, even though you aren't 20 anymore. Testosterone isn't just for erections, either. You'd be surprised what testosterone regulates, and how optimizing your levels can even ward off disease.

Our approach is TOTAL BODY. We want you at your best, INSIDE and OUT. What are your goals? Getting rid of the beer belly? Keeping up with your teen-aged kids, or even grand-kids? Satisfying the lady in your life? Most of these can be addressed with hormone optimization, and we've got the patients to prove it.

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